Öffentliche Scrum Trainings in Hamburg 2020

Coaching Teams, Programs & Portfolios



Agile teams, programs & portfolios build the foundation to deliver value.



Effectively working through a challenging topic is often essential to move on. We have various workshop format, which have proven to be effective.


Inhouse Trainings

Internal trainings bring the benefit to integrate more closes the internal perspectives and can also act as a team building effort for a unit.


Starter Packages

We offer combined packages of training and coaching to help you to setup your team, program or portfolio.


Without leadership change will never succeed and never sustain

Leadership Workshop & Coaching

We are helping your leadership team to learn the needed skills to drive the change, form the strategy and start from the mantra ‘leaders go first’.

Responsibility Process

To start the transformation by self-leadership we use the Responsibility Process. We help you to get a clearer picture on blind spots to work on and confront yourself with the created insight, to get the leader you always wanted to be.

Transition Services

A deeper change need strategy and the right support to enable the change.

Transformation Strategy

A transformation has many uncertainties. A to simple rollout plan can be a thread for this change initiative. A good transition strategy helps to incorporate with this uncertainties and benefits from a good diagnostic of the status quo to discover the path to a more effective learning organization through pilots.

Transformation Team

Ownership of the change is essential. We support the creation and further support to create this unit.

Upskill coaching & training capacities

While excellent external support often makes the difference, a self-sustaining learning organizations need internal capabilities to support and drive this change.


Most of the so-called “transformations” only scratch the surface and stay ineffective. A diagnosis helps to get beyond the symptoms to the root causes and helps to set the framing for a successful transformation.


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